Spanish Review Activity – Treasure Hunt!

Make students work for their task cards AND give them a great review of classroom vocabulary, colors, commands, or whatever else you want to use with a treasure hunt! With a treasure hunt, you hide task cards around the classroom and write clues for the students to solve to find them. How fun would this be when learning prepositions of place?!

Need some task cards to do this activity? Click HERE for a FREE set of task cards for SER and adjectives!


1. Decide which task cards you are going to use and how many. You can find task cards to use here.

2. Hide the task cards around the room one at a time, writing a clue to their location as you go. Don’t make the same mistake I did and try to remember where you hid them while you write clues afterwards.

1. Está cerca del sacapuntas.
2. Está adentro del diccionario azul.
3. Está al lado del escritorio de Emma.

3. Create an answer sheet with the clues. In order to make this work, you need several different versions of the sheet with the clues so the entire class doesn’t move around from task card to task card like a school of fish. It is easy enough to do with the copy and paste feature on a computer. Just mix, mix, mix those clues and get ready to turn the students loose! Before you do, stress the importance of putting the task cards back exactly where they found them. Tell them you worked hard to create something fun for them and ask them not to ruin the activity for everyone else by moving cards. Also tell them they have to go in order of the clues on their sheet. No fair simply moving around the room to whatever card they saw another group just finish. They are only cheating themselves and their path towards Spanish proficiency if they do that.

4. Once all the task cards have been found and completed, I display the answer key with my projector and have students quickly check their answers. I have them count up the number they got correct and write that number at the top of their paper. A quick show of hands (“Everyone who got 25 or more correct, raise your hand. Everyone who got 20 or more correct, raise your hand.”) before they turn their paper in tells me where we are with the material and allows me to adjust my lesson plans accordingly. Such a simple and fun formative assessment that gets students out of their seats! Dollar store eye patches for the winners, anyone?

Grab a free set of task cards for SER and adjectives here.

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