Fun Spanish Class Review Activity – Scoot

Have you used task cards in Spanish class before? I LOVE task cards because they get students up and moving, they are super easy to use, and they give students a well-rounded review! One fun activity you can do with task cards is called Scoot. Scoot is a great Spanish review activity because it gets students up and moving and can be done with very little prep!

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A more controlled version of the Walk and Write activity I shared in this blog post, Scoot is played by placing one task card on each desk. You’ll want to choose cards that EVERY student can complete in about the same amount of time. By that I mean don’t do fill in the blanks and ones where students have to write two complete sentences. You’ll have fill in the blank kids twiddling their thumbs if you do.

Once ready to play, give students a response sheet and have them sit at a random desk. Tell them they will end up answering all of the cards so it doesn’t matter where they start! Students have a designated amount of time to answer the card on their desk. How much time depends on what you are asking them to do. Once the time is up, students move in an orderly fashion to the next desk. Make sure to go over the pattern of movement with them before they start. I have even been known to make arrows on the floor with my beloved colorful masking tape the first time or two we play so students can easily see which direction to move and there is no confusion.

I’m all about the quick transitions and not wasting class time so I like to use music to pace the game and keep it moving. Students start with a quiet classroom. When it is time to move, play music. Students need to be in the next seat when the music stops. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds. Repeat until kids make it back to their original seats!

I do the same thing with the answer key, self-checking, and show of hands as I do with Walk and Write. Once everyone is done, I display the answer key with my projector and have students quickly check their answers. I have them count up the number they got correct and write that number at the top of their paper. A quick show of hands (“Everyone who got 25 or more correct, raise your hand. Everyone who got 20 or more correct, raise your hand.”) before they turn their paper in tells me where we are with the material and allows me to adjust my lesson plans accordingly. Another fun formative assessment alternative to a worksheet!

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