Fun Spanish Review Activity – Relay Race Game

Collaborative and fun, this game is sure to get students moving and engaged! I love how students have to work as a team and EVERYONE contributes. The first team to correctly complete all the task cards wins!

Need some task cards to do this activity? Click HERE for a FREE set of task cards for SER and adjectives!



You will need to clear the area around your whiteboard. You will want to place a piece of masking tape on the floor about 10 feet from the whiteboard, parallel to the whiteboard. That is the line teams will stand behind so you’ll need space for students beyond that line, too.


Choose 6-7 cards for each team. The number of teams depends on how big your whiteboard is and how many students are in your class. I always like to keep my teams to no more than six or seven students if possible so there are more opportunities for turns (and learning!) per kid.

You will want to make sure you are making the pile of cards for each team even as far as tasks required. You don’t want to give one team all fill in the blank and another team all verbs to conjugate in all their forms. I like to give the same number of each kind of task for each team. I also like to give each team a well-rounded review so I am mindful of the verbs on the cards. For example, if I am using SER vs. ESTAR cards, I don’t want to give one team all SER cards and another team all ESTAR cards. That doesn’t help them review all the material.

Divide your whiteboard into however many sections as you have teams. Hang the cards vertically.


1. Divide students into teams. I like to do something like have them quickly line up by height, by birthday, etc., and then divvy them up into teams that way. Have them line up in a single file line behind the line on the floor in front of the cards, one team per section. Give the first person in each line a whiteboard marker.

2. Instructions time! Tell students that they are going to be working as a team to complete all their task cards. When they are at the front of the line, it is their turn. During their turn, they can go up to the board and do one of two things: 1. Do any task card that has not been done yet. OR 2. Make ONE correction to an answer already on the board. If the card is fill in the blank, they need to write out the whole sentence, not just the missing word. That makes it easier for you to correct and is good practice, too!

Students have to do something each turn. No fair just walking up to the board and turning around! It could be as small as adding an accent to a word already on the board, but they have to do something. It’s important that you stress the two options with students and they understand. Otherwise, you will have your stronger students going up there and making all the corrections needed in one swoop. No fun and doesn’t help everyone review.

One more rule: when students are at the whiteboard, they cannot get help from people in line. They are on their own. Teams are welcome to discuss what is on the board when they are waiting in line and try to figure out where the errors are, but they may not shout out answers to the person at the board.

3. As the teacher, your main job during the game is to keep an eye on the whiteboard so as soon as a team gets all the cards correct, you can put a big star on their section and they know to stop. Otherwise, they’ll keep making corrections to things that don’t need to be corrected. Even if they are not the first team to finish, teams need to continue going until they get their star.

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Don’t want to make your own task cards? You can find task cards for a variety of topics HERE.

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  1. On the Relay Race game, what do you mean by “hang the cards vertically”? Sorry, maybe it’s simple and I’m already a tired teacher!

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