Fun Spanish Class Review Activity – Walk and Write

Are your students tired of sitting in their desks? Are you looking for a new way to get them up and moving, while still learning? You should try a Walk & Write! Probably the most popular (and easiest!) way to use task cards, a Walk & Write is a fantastic Spanish review activity that can be done with very little prep!

Need some task cards to do this activity? Click HERE for a FREE set of task cards for SER and adjectives!


Print and cut the task cards and hang them around the room. Give students a sheet to record their answers or, if you don’t have time to make copies, ask them to take out a piece of paper and number it 1 – whatever # of task cards you are using. Once they are ready, have them walk around and complete the tasks on the cards by writing the answers on their response sheet. It’s up to you whether they work individually or in pairs. I let them choose and it is usually a good mix of students working individually and with a partner. I LOVE seeing them collaborate and work together!

You have to establish a culture in your room where it is expected that they are an equal partner in the activity, not just following someone around and writing down their answers. That doesn’t help them learn! I always have music playing while they do task cards to help create a fun, upbeat vibe. Click HERE for a post I wrote about Pandora stations I like using in class!

All of my task card sets have 48 cards and I like to hang all 48 up but tell students they can pick any 30 to complete. That way, they have some choice in the activity and can skip ones they don’t want to or are unable to do. I always encourage them to challenge themselves and they are usually good about doing a mix of cards. I like to meander and check in with kids while they are doing the cards to see if they came across one they couldn’t do and help them figure it out.

Once everyone is done, I display the answer key with my projector and have students quickly check their answers. I have them count up the number they got correct and write that number at the top of their paper. A quick show of hands (“Everyone who got 25 or more correct, raise your hand. Everyone who got 20 or more correct, raise your hand.”) before they turn their paper in tells me where we are with the material and allows me to adjust my lesson plans accordingly. Such a simple and fun formative assessment that gets students out of their seats!

Grab a FREE set of task cards for SER and adjectives HERE.


  • Hide them around the room to make it a little more interesting. I always leave at least an inch sticking out so they aren’t impossible to find and students know they are looking for cards they can actually see. Otherwise, you have students wasting time looking inside books, drawers, etc. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

  • Use them for differentiation. Make individual response sheets for each student by highlighting the numbers you want that student to answer. Students only answer the ones highlighted on their sheet. That way, you can pick and choose the level of difficulty of the activity for each student.

  • Sunny? Tape them up outside and let students get some fresh air while they work! They will be so happy to be outside that they’ll forget they are learning AND you will be the coolest teacher ever for letting them go outside. Win-win! Click HERE to read about an activity I do outside with sidewalk chalk and task cards.

PRO TIP: Laminate your task cards so when you hang them up with tape, you can remove the tape easily without tearing the paper when you are done with the activity. You can use them over and over, too!

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