Present Stem-Changing Verbs Activities for Spanish Class

Looking for engaging activities to help your Spanish students better understand stem-changing verbs in the present tense? Continue reading for some of my favorite resources for teaching present stem-changers! Make sure you grab the freebies! 😍


Love super fun, no prep digital activities? If so, then you will love these mystery pictures! Your Spanish students will get a ton of practice with present tense stem-changers as they answer a variety of questions in Google Sheets. Best part? These pixel art activities are self-checking! If a student’s answer is correct, part of the hidden picture will be revealed. If a student’s answer is incorrect, the picture will not change. That lets the student know he/she needs to try again. The instant feedback really helps students improve their skills! They love these mystery pictures and so will you!

Here is a free mystery pic for E to IE stem-changers!

See the rest of my digital mystery pictures for stem-changing verbs below.

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Are your Spanish students struggling with reading comprehension and present stem-changing verbs like TENER and DORMIR in Spanish? You need these no-prep digital mystery pictures! Your Spanish students will improve their reading comprehension skills as they read a passage full of present stem-changers and answer a variety of questions about what they read.

Like the above mystery pics, these Spanish activities are self-checking! If a student’s answer is correct, part of the hidden picture will be revealed. If a student’s answer is incorrect, the picture will not change. That lets the student know he/she needs to try again. The instant feedback really helps students improve their skills! Students love trying to guess what the picture is as they complete the activity. Hint: it has to do with the story!

Click the images below to check them out.

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Self-checking AND self-grading? YES, PLEASE! If you are looking for a fun, interactive digital activity for your students to practice present stem-changers in Spanish, these NO PREP Spanish Boom Cards are just what you need! Students will be engaged and get a great review of present tense stem-changing verbs as they work their way through the 50 cards in each deck.

See how fun they are for yourself by clicking the previews below to play a few cards!

Preview this deck HERE. Purchase it HERE.

Preview this deck HERE. Purchase it HERE.

Preview this deck HERE. Purchase it HERE.

Preview this deck HERE. Purchase it HERE.

Preview this deck HERE. Purchase it HERE.

Preview this deck HERE. Purchase it HERE.


Digital task cards for Google Slides are for anyone looking to reinforce students’ understanding of stem-changing verbs in the present tense in Spanish. Students will be engaged and get a great review of verbs in the present stem-changers as they work their way through the 50 interactive Google Slides in each set.

Students will be engaged in activities like:

  • choosing the correct verb endings for present stem-changers
  • drag and drop conjugation charts for present stem-changers
  • filling in the blank with present stem-changing verbs
  • finding errors in sentences and correcting them
  • multiple-choice questions
  • answering open-ended questions like “¿Qué juegas?”

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Task cards are such a fun, versatile tool. Each of these present stem-changing verbs task card sets comes with 48 different cards to get your students up and moving while practicing the present tense. Students will be engaged as they complete various tasks on the included response sheet like conjugating present stem-changers, filling in the blank with the correct form of the verb in parentheses, answering multiple-choice translation questions, fixing the errors in sentences, and answering questions in complete Spanish sentences using a present stem-changer.

Not sure how to use task cards in class? 15 ideas are included! You can also check out these blog posts I wrote for Secondary Spanish Space: 10 Task Card Ideas for Spanish Class and 5 (More) Ways to Use Task Cards in Spanish Class.


Looking for a super fun, NO PREP activity to review the present tense stem-changers with your Spanish students? Play a Jeopardy-style trivia game with them! Students will be engaged as they work in teams to answer questions in categories like Conjugation, Fill in the blank, ¿Dónde está el error?, Translation, and Un Poco de Todo. In addition to the traditional point value questions that start at $100 and get increasingly more difficult as students work their way up to the $500 questions, there is also a fun ‘Make a Wager’ option for each category that is like Final Jeopardy.

How I like to play:

I put students in teams of 2-3 (three is ideal) and have teams sit together facing the board. Each team needs a mini-whiteboard, dry erase marker, eraser (a tissue works, too), score sheet, and writing utensil. Have one person on the team be the scorekeeper and a different person be the mini whiteboard writer. The scorekeeper needs to write all the group members’ names on the sheet. Once that is done, I ask the class who has the next birthday (or last birthday, is tallest, etc.) and that person gets to choose the first square. From there I go around the room calling on one person from each group until every student has had a chance to pick a square.

When playing, EVERY team answers the question by discussing quietly as a group and writing the answer on their mini whiteboard. I make sure they keep their answer hidden until it is time to share. Once I think all the teams have an answer (or it has been a reasonable amount of time), I give a ”tres, dos, uno” countdown and teams hold up their mini-whiteboards. I then reveal the answer on the screen and points are awarded to the teams who get it correct. Teams are responsible for keeping track of their own points on their score sheet. Honor system!

I play like this so all teams are engaged and getting a good review, not just the one team who picked the question.

Every five questions or so I have students pass materials one person to the left so all students get a chance to keep score and use the ever-popular mini whiteboards, thus no one can ”check out” or be lazy. I find it builds student confidence, too.


Self-grading? Yes, please! These digital assessments created in Google Forms are self-grading, editable, AND no prep! In addition to using these for a quiz or test, you can also use Google Forms for exit tickets, formative assessments, choice boards, a make-up test for absent students, intervention, or about a million other things!

Click the images below to learn more about these present stem-changers Google Forms.

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Reinforce the verb endings for present stem-changing verbs in Spanish with Cucharas, the Spanish class version of one of my favorite games growing up, Spoons. Students love collecting all the conjugations of a verb in the present tense and racing to grab the spoons! This is a great way to get students engaged and focusing on the details of present tense verb endings! There is an included extension activity that has students writing and speaking with the verbs after each round.

OBJECTIVE: Collect all seven cards for one verb (infinitive + all six forms- for example: PEDIR, PIDO, PIDES, PIDE, PEDIMOS, PEDÍS y PIDEN) and/or not be the person left without a spoon! Read more about how to play Cucharas HERE.


Uh-oh! Your students are lost in the Mexican jungle! Can they find their way out before the rapid pumas find them?? They will have to work together to solve the 6 puzzles in this digital escape room to do so! This engaging breakout room was designed to not only give your students a well-rounded review of present stem-changing verbs but also get them thinking critically. It’s easy for you to assign and students to navigate. All puzzles are embedded right in the Google Slides or Google Sites escape room. No messing around with a bunch of files! Simply share the links to the escape room and Google Form and students are good to go!

This no-prep activity is self-checking. Students input their answers to the puzzles in a Google Form. If a group’s answer is correct, it unlocks the next question on the Google Form. If a group’s answer is incorrect, a message will pop up telling students they need to try again and giving them a hint. That instant feedback makes your job so much easier!

Learn more HERE.


Make reading in Spanish class fun with these reading activities for stem-changing verbs! There are three print-and-go activities to go along with the comprehensible reading passage full of stem-changers for you to choose from: task cards, a crossword puzzle, and worksheets. Talk about an easy Spanish sub plan!

Grab FREE reading activities for TENER here.

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I hope these ideas for present stem-changing verbs help! If you enjoyed this post, I would love it if you would pin it so others can enjoy it, too! Thanks and have a great day!

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