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This NO-PREP digital escape room will keep students on the edge of their seats as they try to escape the rabid pumas after they get lost in the Mexican jungle! They will have to solve 6 puzzles about present stem-changers in order to escape.

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Uh-oh! Your students are lost in the Mexican jungle! Can they find their way out before the rapid pumas find them?? They will have to work together to solve the 6 puzzles in this digital escape room to do so! This engaging breakout room was designed to not only give your students a well-rounded review of present stem-changing verbs but also get them thinking critically.

It’s easy for you to assign and students to navigate. All puzzles are embedded right in the Google Slides or Google Sites escape room. No messing around with a bunch of files! Simply share the links to the escape room and Google Form and students are good to go!


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This no-prep activity is self-checking. Students input their answers to the puzzles in a Google Form. If a group’s answer is correct, it unlocks the next question on the Google Form. If a group’s answer is incorrect, a message will pop up telling students they need to try again and giving them a hint. That instant feedback makes your job so much easier!



This digital download includes:


  • Google Slides version of the escape room
  • Google Sites version of the escape room
  • Google Form for answers
  • Teacher directions
  • Teacher cheat sheet
  • Answer key


Please see the preview for more information about what is included and how the breakout room works.


This escape room is great for:


  • Test review
  • Collaboration (*cough*observation*cough*)
  • Sub plans
  • Choice boards



What will I need to assign this resource to my students?

You will require:

❶ Access to the internet

❷ A Google Drive account


How do I collect student work?

Your students will input their answers in the Google Form and submit the Google Form to you. Easy-peasy!



Cuenca Digital Mystery Picture for Present Stem-Changers

Roberto Clemente Digital Mystery Picture for JUGAR

Empanadas Digital Mystery Picture for E-I Stem-Changers

José Martí Digital Mystery Picture for O-UE Stem-Changers


Want a FREE digital mystery picture for E-IE stem-changers? Grab it HERE.


Thanks for checking out my Spanish present stem-changers breakout room!

La Profe Plotts


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