Tips for Using Pixel Art in Spanish Class

Do you use my mystery pics in class? I LOVE Spanish pixel art because they are no-prep for me and self-checking for students. They get immediate feedback on their answers because either the pixels change or they don’t. Students love trying to guess what the picture is going to be!

My mystery pics are made with a ton of formulas in Google Sheets. If a person types A, B will happen. The answers you type need to be exactly the same as my answers in order to trigger the magic. Any slight difference and the pixels won’t change. Is that nit-picky? Yes, but there is no way around it with how they work.

Here are a few tips for using Spanish pixel art in class:

  1. If you think you have all the answers correct and the pixels are not changing, double-check that you don’t have any extra spaces before or after any answers and that you’ve hit enter.
  2. Still not changing? Double-check accents and capitalization.
  3. There is an answer key on the last page of the PDF. Use that to check your answers against mine.
  4. If you are a Microsoft school, you should be able to download the regular mystery pics as an Excel file and have them still work. The reading comprehension ones don’t work in Excel but the regular ones usually do. I always recommend testing it on a school computer with a freebie first before you purchase any.
  5. Make sure each student has their own copy of the Google Sheet. Otherwise, they are typing over each other and it becomes a hot mess.
  6. Something look wonky like lines in an answer box or white spaces? That means your students were screwing around and deleted something they shouldn’t have. They need to start over with a fresh copy. There’s a good chance they were looking for answers on the backend of the Google Sheet. Don’t worry, though. The answers on my Google Sheets are harder to find than on other pixel art. 🙌🏻
  7. Use the zoom feature to make the activity bigger or smaller on the Google Sheet. 🔍

Want to try a mystery pic? Here are some freebies!

Find more mystery pics for culture, Spanish grammar, and Spanish vocabulary HERE.

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