Telling Time Activities for Spanish Class

Teaching your students how to tell time in Spanish and need a few more practice activities to help make it stick? Here are some of my favorite activities for helping students understand how to tell time in Spanish!

Want to review numbers 1-30 with your students before you dive into telling time? Here’s a free digital mystery picture for numbers 1-30 in Spanish.


Students of all ages LOVE playing this fun Pesca game for telling time in Spanish! Students will test their knowledge of telling time as they play this Spanish class twist on the classic card game of Go Fish in small groups. Not only will they learn, but they will also be engaged and having fun! Great speaking and listening experience, too! Click HERE to learn more.


Love super fun, no prep digital activities? If so, then you will love this digital mystery picture! Your students will get a ton of practice with telling time in Spanish, and a dose of culture, as they answer a variety of questions in Google Sheets to reveal a picture of 12 grapes in a flute and a clock striking midnight on New Year’s Eve. It is a great way to introduce the tradition of eating 12 grapes on NYE to your students.

Best part? Pixel art activities are self-checking! If a student’s answer is correct, part of the hidden picture will be revealed. If a student’s answer is incorrect, the picture will not change. That lets the student know he/she needs to try again. The instant feedback really helps students improve their skills! They love mystery pictures and so will you!

Click HERE to grab this fun mystery picture.

Save 20% on 60+ digital mystery pictures with the Digital Mystery Picture Mega Bundle. See it HERE.


This Spanish telling time task card set has 48 cards to get your students up and moving while getting a well-rounded review of telling time in Spanish. Students will be engaged as they complete various tasks on the included response sheet like writing times in Spanish for clocks and digital times given, writing out numbers between 1-29 in Spanish, re-writing grammatically incorrect sentences correctly, and answering multiple-choice questions.

There are two different ways to teach time in Spanish. To say 9:50, some people say ‘Son las diez menos diez’. Others use ‘Son las nueve y cincuenta’. To accommodate both philosophies, this task card set includes an answer key and cards for each so you can use the ones that go with how you teach telling time. That way, your students won’t be confused!

Click HERE to see them.


Looking for a super fun, NO PREP activity to review telling time in Spanish with your students? Play this Jeopardy-style trivia game with them! Students will be engaged as they work in teams to answer questions in the following categories: ¿Qúe hora es?, Los Números 1-30, ¿Dónde está el error?, Translation, and Un Poco de Todo. In addition to the traditional point value questions that start at $100 and get increasingly more difficult as students work their way up to the $500 questions, there is also a bonus ‘Make a Wager’ option for each category that is like Final Jeopardy.

Included in the zip file:

• Interactive Telling Time in Spanish Trivia Game in PowerPoint

• Score sheet for teams to keep track of their points

• Comprehensive instructions and tips for playing the game (including how I play so every team answers, every time, and students stay engaged and learning!)

Click HERE to see it.

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I hope these ideas for teaching how to tell time in Spanish help! If you enjoyed this post, I would love it if you would pin it so others can enjoy it, too. Thanks and have a great day!

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