Spanish Conversation Card Mega Bundle

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Looking for easy and fun activities to get your students speaking in the target language? Check out this discounted bundle of conversation cards! Save 20% on 528 engaging questions when you buy the bundle!


Give your students a ton of speaking opportunities and practice with these conversation cards! Save 20% on all my conversation cards for Spanish class when you buy this mega bundle. Each conversation card set comes with 48 cards to get your students speaking in the target language while reviewing concepts they have learned in class. Students will be engaged as they answer questions about their lives and various topics like summer and winter. Conversation cards can be used in lots of different fun ways to get students talking in Spanish class. 528 conversation cards are included!



Present Tense

Preterite Tense

Preterite vs. Imperfect

Spanish 1 Review – El Día de San Valentín

Spanish 1 Review – La Primavera

Spanish 1 Review – El Otoño

Spanish 1 Review – El Verano

Spanish 1 Review – El Invierno

Spanish 1 Review – La Navidad

Spanish 2 Review – El Verano

Spanish 2 Review – La Navidad


Included in each file:

• 48 conversation cards

• Ink-friendly version of the 48 cards with a plain white background

• 6 full-color blank cards

• 6 ink-friendly blank cards

• Student response sheet

• Answer key

• 18 ideas for using conversation cards in Spanish class


Thanks for checking out my bundle!

La Profe Plotts


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