Most Dangerous Ways to School Bolivia Questions


Students will be completely engrossed in this documentary about the lengths many students go to just to attend school in Bolivia!


This emergency Spanish sub plan for the Most Dangerous Ways to School will not only save the day because it is print-and-go, but it will also open your students’ eyes to a world outside of their own. The Most Dangerous Ways to School documentaries by Free Documentary on YouTube are absolutely FANTASTIC. These 25 questions go along with the free video on Bolivia. Your students will be fascinated by the lengths the students take to get to school and what the school system is like in Bolivia.

Free Documentary has this to say about the 48-minute video: “The Yungas Valley in Bolivia: a unique landscape, where the Andes Mountains meet the Amazon Rain Forest. In this remote section of one of the poorest countries in South America, children have a very long and incredibly dangerous walk to school ahead of them. All for one goal: education – for a better life.”


Check out the FREE video on YouTube HERE.



There are two versions of the questions and answers included in the file, one in English and one in Spanish. Perfect for use with different levels!



This PDF file includes:


  • 25 questions
  • Spanish version
  • English version
  • Answer keys
  • Link to 48-minute video on YouTube


These no-prep Most Dangerous Ways to School questions are great for:


  • Sub plans
  • Choice boards
  • Independent activity while you catch up on grading or need to take a breath (we’ve all been there!)



Most Dangerous Ways to School – Colombia

Thanks for checking out my Most Dangerous Ways to School questions!
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