Preterite Sandal Verbs Activities for Spanish Class

Teaching preterite sandal verbs like DORMIR and PEDIR in your Spanish class? Here are some of my favorite activities for helping students understand preterite sandal verbs! Make sure you snag the free Google Slides! 😍


Love super fun, no prep digital activities? If so, then you will love this preterite sandal verbs mystery picture! Your Spanish students will get a ton of practice with sandal verbs, and a dose of culture, as they answer a variety of questions in Google Sheets. Best part? Pixel art activities are self-checking! If a student’s answer is correct, part of the hidden picture of a famous moai statue on Easter Island will be revealed. If a student’s answer is incorrect, the picture will not change. That lets the student know he/she needs to try again. The instant feedback really helps students improve their skills! They love mystery pictures and so will you!

Click the image below to learn more about this mystery picture.

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Self-checking AND self-grading? YES, PLEASE! If you are looking for a fun, interactive digital activity for your students to practice preterite sandal verbs in Spanish, these no-prep Preterite Sandal Verbs Boom Cards are just what you need! Students will be engaged and get a great review of irregular preterite sandal verbs as they work their way through the 50 cards in the deck.

Students cannot move on to the next card until they get the answer correct.

See how fun they are for yourself by clicking the preview below to play a few cards!

Preview this deck HERE. Buy it HERE.

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These digital task cards for Google Slides are for anyone looking to reinforce students’ understanding of preterite sandal verbs with a ton of great practice. Students will be engaged and get a great review as they work their way through the 50 interactive Google Slides in the set.

Students will be engaged in activities like:

  • drag and drop conjugation charts for preterite sandal verbs
  • filling in the blank with the correct preterite tense form of the verb in parenthesis
  • finding the errors in sentences and correcting them
  • multiple-choice translation questions
  • answering questions in complete sentences

Click HERE to snag these free Google Slides!

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Self-grading? Yes, please! This digital preterite sandal verbs assessment created in Google Forms is self-grading, editable, AND no prep! In addition to using this for a quiz or test, you can also use a Google Form for an exit ticket, formative assessment, choice board, make-up test for absent students, intervention, or about a million other things!

Click the image below to learn more about this Google Form.

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You might also like this digital mini bundle of the Boom Cards and Google Forms assessment.


Reinforce preterite tense verb endings for IR stem-changer verbs (also known as sandal verbs) like morir, dormir, seguir, and pedir in Spanish with this fun game of Cucharas, or Spoons. Students love collecting all the conjugations of a verb in the preterite tense and racing to grab the spoons! This is a great way to get students engaged and focusing on the details of preterite tense verb endings for the irregular IR sandal verbs! There is an included extension activity that has students writing and speaking with the verbs after each round.

OBJECTIVE: Collect all seven cards for one verb (infinitive + all six forms- for example: CORRER, CORRÍ, CORRISTE, CORRIÓ, CORRIMOS, CORRISTEIS y CORRIERON) and/or not be the person left without a spoon!

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I hope these ideas for teaching preterite sandal verbs help! If you enjoyed this post, I would love it if you would pin it so others can enjoy it, too! Thanks and have a great day!

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