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¡Hola! If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am insanely passionate about supporting Spanish teachers. I have been listening to teachers ask over and over again for more resources, more support, and more ideas for making their teaching lives easier because they are overwhelmed and struggling with burnout and stress. I started a newsletter and Facebook groups in 2020 to help but it still didn’t feel like enough. My heart was telling me I needed to do more.  

That’s where La Profe Plotts Insiders comes in. La Profe Plotts Insiders is a supportive community and resource hub to help Spanish teachers thrive inside the classroom while preserving their time outside the classroom. 

It’s teacher-tested and student-approved resources delivered straight to your inbox every month so you can quit spending your Sundays trying to create your own. 

It’s no-prep sub plans you can use in a pinch so you don’t have to stress when you have a sick kid or are under the weather yourself. 

It’s bonus resources every month that will make it feel like Christmas in September, October, November…

It’s a safe, supportive Facebook community where amazing teachers share ideas without any drama or judgment. 

It’s having a vault of La Profe Plotts resources at your fingertips when you need a quick sub plan or activity.

It’s tips for grading, time management, and efficiency so you aren’t spending hours and hours outside of your contract time working. 

It’s knowing you have veteran teachers in your corner cheering you on!  

An Insider had this to say about the membership: “Dianna is THE BEST! Being an Insider isn’t just about getting first access to new resources, it’s about being a part of a team. Dianna is always asking questions of the Insiders and those answers turn into resources. She genuinely cares about our needs as teachers and she delivers. One of the best investments I’ve made not just for my career but more importantly, for my students.”  

Another said, “Being a Profe Plotts Insider has been a total game-changer for me this year! The free activities each month are always culturally relevant. And so many possibilities for sub plans or activities to use when I need an easy, low-prep day. I can always find activities to supplement whatever I am teaching in her store! I have spent money on subscriptions in the past and felt like I didn’t really get my money’s worth. The value received for the Insiders subscription fee is excellent. If you are considering becoming an Insider yourself, do it!”


✅ Five brand new La Profe Plotts resources. They will be a mix of the mystery pics, reading activities, task cards, games, and other resources you know and love. ($25 value) 

✅ $10 credit to website shop to pick out your own resources ($10 value) 

✅ Access to a supportive Facebook group ($27 value) 

✅ 25% off discount code to website shop (it’s always a sale day for Insiders!) 

✅ Bonus resources throughout the month (minimum $25 value)

Sign up today and get 5 bonus resources! I’ll send you 3 sets of comprehension questions that go along with episodes of the Street Food: Latin America series on Netflix, a Carnaval-themed mystery pic for regular present verbs, and this cute collaborative poster with a reading activity.


SPANISH 1 INSIDERS: $20/mo or $200/yr (2 months free!) 

SPANISH 2 INSIDERS: $20/mo or $200/yr (2 months free!) 

Or get both for only $30/mo or $300/yr (2 months free!)  🤯

The doors to La Profe Plotts Insiders are currently closed. Be the first to know when they open again by joining the waitlist HERE.

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