Preterite vs. Imperfect Activities for Spanish Class

Preterite vs. imperfect is tricky. Here are some of my favorite activities for helping students better understand the preterite tense, the imperfect tense, and the differences between when they are used! 1. READING COMPREHENSION DIGITAL MYSTERY PICTURE Students struggling with reading comprehension and the differences between preterite and imperfect? You need this no-prep digital mystery picture! Your […]

Preterite Tense Activities for Spanish Class

Looking for engaging activities to help your students better understand the preterite tense? Continue reading for some of my favorites! Make sure you grab all the freebies along the way! 🙌🏻 1. BOOM CARDS Self-checking AND self-grading? YES, PLEASE! If you are looking for a fun, interactive digital activity for your students to practice preterite tense verbs in Spanish, […]